2001 to 2002: Nature, volcanoes and castles

The region I live in, here in the west of Germany, is really not known for being beautiful or relaxing. For recreation there are only fields and small wooded areas where you can see the other end when you enter. The region here is also shaped by industry. So, going on vacation here is more like a bad joke. However, a relaxing holiday is possible if, for example, you drive a little south. Here you then reach the Eifel region, a hilly to partly mountainous landscape. In addition to the sometimes, denser forests, there are individual towns and many smaller villages. But nature predominates. Forests and also some lakes make the Eifel a beautiful local recreation area. This of course also includes the numerous maars that can be explored here. Among other things, there is also a lot to discover, such as mansions, castles or some remains of the Romans. Around 2001-2002, I sometimes went to the Eifel to relax with my family. Roughly between Bitburg and Daun, you can find the community of Eisenschmitt, where we always spent our holidays in the “log cabin holiday park of family Rob”. It is important for this region, as it is also for many regions in the Eifel: It is better to have a car! However, this is generally recommended on family holidays in order to be as flexible as possible. The region is very beautiful, because in addition to some maars, there are also wildlife parks, castles and a trip to the Moselle river is also possible. The Rob family’s holiday homes were spacious and beautifully situated. I remember them as very beautiful and they still exist. Forests are directly behind the accommodations and are great for hiking.

The Eifel was not unknown to me before my holidays there, but being there for a few days without a break was really nice, especially for children. There was always something to discover in the woods and the walks around the maars were great. In addition to the maars, you can also discover more about volcanism that fascinated me as a child. In addition to the so-called “Elfengrotte” near Bad Bertrich, the volcano museum in Daun and the “Wallender Born”, a geyser, are must-see places there. There is really a lot to learn and to discover, which was definitely a great time for me. The two castles in Manderscheid, the Oberburg and Niederburg, were a special highlight. The castles are also a great excursion for children. The a little further away Kasselburg with the local wildlife park are also a good excursion for children and adults. For children who are looking for more action, there is also the “Spangdahlem Air Base”, which could be reached by car after a short time. Watching the fighter planes here was always very impressive for us as kids. So there was always a bit of everything and I really enjoyed these vacations. In 2001 we also had our budgie “Kuki” with us, who must have liked it there too ;).