2003 and 2005: Vacation by the sea for the first time

When I was very young, we went to the sea with the family once. That was in the Netherlands and, to be precise, in Breskens. However, I forgot the details of this vacation because the beach and the sea were very dirty. The weather was bad too. My first real vacation by the sea was for me in 2003. I spent this on the island of Sylt, which is in the far north of Germany. Two years later in 2005 I went on vacation to Sylt again. It was this time even for one week.

The journey from Cologne to Westerland on Sylt took place both years with the Deutsche Bahn. Conveniently there is a direct connection with the InterCity train. The journey takes 7.5 hours due to the distance. These trains are not really comfortable and therefore the journey is quite tiring. The scenery during the drive is only sometimes interesting and becomes more interesting as soon as you reach Hamburg and then drive further north. I also remember the Niebüll train station, where there were a lot of carrion crows. From there you drive a good 30 minutes, including over the Hindenburgdamm. If the tide is high, you are surrounded by the wild North Sea and that is really impressive! At low tide, it is a bit strange to take the train over the dam. In total, the dam is 11 km long. The island of Sylt is not particularly big, but it is really beautiful. In addition to the wonderful beaches, there are many animals to watch. Not to forget the beautiful lighthouses and also the houses with thatched roofs. The fact that the island is rather small has another advantage: The sea is never far away. The disadvantage of the island is that it is very popular and there are many tourists there in the warm months.

Both vacations I had my accommodation in the main town of the island, namely in Westerland. It only took me 5 minutes to get from the accommodation to the sea and there was also a small forest nearby. I didn’t have to walk longer than 5 minutes to get to the really great aquarium. Highlights of my vacations there were excursions by boat, walks on the beach, and watching birds and seals. When you are near or at the sea, you have to enjoy the sunrises and sunsets. Collecting shells and looking for amber can also be relaxing. You should definitely take the time to explore the entire length of the island from Hörnum to List. A trip to Hallig Hooge is also an interesting idea. There really is a lot to discover.

During these vacations, I clearly noticed how much the sea relaxes me. This endless expanse, the sound of the waves and the always fresh breeze. Simply sitting in the sand and forgetting the world around of you, yes that is wonderful! Personally, I can relax a lot faster near the water. Waking up in the morning with seabirds, for example with the calls of the oystercatchers, is just great. Conclusion: I need more sea!