Island Heligoland (01.07.-12.07.2021)

— Unfortunately postponed for an indefinite time. —

Despite the current situation about the virus, I am quite optimistic about traveling in year 2021, at least as far as summer is concerned. For this reason, I have already made initial plans and pre-bookings here. Norway was of course my favorite, but it’s too risky for me in terms of the pandemic and the additional costs are of course very high there. I thought then about what exactly I will need during my vacation. The first thing that came to mind was the sea. Nothing relaxes me as much as the sound of the sea. In addition, the subject of nature is important again and that I don’t have to stay longer time in larger cities. Then Northern Germany came to mind. It’s not very far away, significantly cheaper compared to Norway, and I have everything I need on site. If the pandemic still effect our daily life in summer so much, it is also more likely that we will be able to travel within Germany than abroad. Without any doubt, Norway is my number 1 travel destination. As I am currently building up financial reserves, the cost factor is also an issue. But I can’t do the holiday without at least a short trip to Scandinavia. At the moment the plans for this trip are in progress and some dates have already been set. Among other things, the period of the trip: 26th June until 12th July 2021. During this period I will take a three-day ferry trip to Gothenburg. After that I will stay at Kiel from 28th June until 3rd July 2021 and also make a trip to the Baltic Sea. Finally via Hamburg it goes to Heligoland, where I will stay from 4th July until 11th July 2021 to enjoy and explore the island. Then it goes straight back home.

I already have the following ideas:


    • Activities: Walking tour across the island, observing animals, starry sky above of Helgioland, visiting the island Heligoland-D√ľne,…



Of course, I will continue to plan more detailed within the next weeks and months and I will be happy, to inform here from time to time about new plans.