Lüneburg Heath

On June 4th, 2022 I tool a little trip to the Lüneburg Heath to do a gliding flight there. It started from Bergheim again with the truck, including a glider in the trailer, in the direction of Hamburg. Luckily the freeways were pretty free and after a few hours we reached Höpen Airport (EDSC) near Schneverdingen. We then unloaded the glider and prepared everything for takeoff. It started pretty much exactly at 11 a.m. and with the cable winch I went up to almost 450 m. First I flew a little to the northwest towards Wesseloh and found some updraft there. This was not very pronounced and so the search continued in a northeasterly direction. Here at Handeloh I found a strong enough updraft to gain altitude. After all, I made it here at a good 850 m. The landscape of the Lüneburg Heath is very varied with forests, fields, rivers and also cozy villages and cities. From Handeloh I flew towards Hanstedt, then to Undeloh and Egestorf. After that I flew a bit more over the forest areas and also over the town of Niederhaverbeck. From here I decided to fly southeast and flew over the wooded area north of Munster before flying northwest again to reach Schneverdingen. Here I circled a little over the city. But then it went back to the airport, where I also circled a bit to lose altitude. There was an updraft near the airfield, because a few birds of prey were also circling around here. After flying a few circles with these, I landed back on the Höpen. The glider flight lasted from 11.00 a.m. to 12.48 a.m. and I reached a maximum altitude of 1,268 m.


04th June 2022 – Transport with the truck from Bergheim to the Höpen airfield



04th June 2022 – Gliding flight over the Lüneburg Heath