Virtual traveling

First of all, we can state that nothing can replace traveling in reality. This feeling of discovering foreign places or simply experiencing deep relaxation or exciting adventures in another place cannot be replaced. In addition to the sometimes stressful everyday work, it is important that we regularly have a counterpoint to the working day. Moments when we can switch off and relax. Since the average person can’t travel that often (it’s mostly 1-2 times a year for me too), you should look for other ways to find relaxation. If there is a pandemic like the one we are experiencing now, relaxing / discovering foreign places is of course much more difficult.

In addition to walks and excursions outside, the Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 (MSFS 2020) can also help here – at least for all those who also like to play on the computer. Here you can fly to any existing place in the world with a variety of aircraft. If your own computer allows it, the graphics are really impressive and there is so much to discover. In addition to all the additional content that you can buy and which beautify selected cities / places, but also make sights look even more real, you can simply fly off here and enjoy the landscapes. I reiterate that of course this is nothing compared to seeing these places for real. But I have often found that the MSFS 2020 also provides rough impressions of what landscapes and cities or ports, for example, look like. It’s wonderful to sit back and just fly while taking it all in. There is also the option of “live weather”, which makes the whole thing even more impressive.

Endless possibilities are waiting: from a short glider flight to a trip in a sports aircraft, simulating your own vacation and flying in a passenger plane or even the simulation that you are taking part in an expedition flight. There is also the opportunity to discover the world by ship, which I sometimes enjoy doing. For example, if I just want to fly a glider in Norway, I also add Euro Truck Simulator 2. Here we just pretend the glider is loaded on a trailer and just drive it to Norway to take off there. So you can just be creative!

I would like to share this possibility of virtual travel with you here on the website. In addition to the subpage for planned virtual trips and trips, I will always publish small articles about the trips and trips that have taken place. There you always get a small visual impression of what I experienced and saw there. However, only short texts are included, because it is only intended to freshen up the website a little and it is also not intended to be travel reports – it is just virtual after all.