High Fens / Eifel Nature Park

On May 11th, 2022 I planned a slightly longer gliding flight over the Eifel. The first thing to do was to take the truck and the glider in the trailer to Belgium, or to be more precise, to Verviers. This is where I started the glider flight and took off at 2.14 p.m. from Verviers-Theux airfield (EBTX). Arrived at an altitude of almost 730 meters, I started to search for some upwind. However, the updrafts in the area were rather weak, so I flew directly to the Gileppe dam. The dam wall and the reservoir looked really impressive. I did a few laps here and lost more and more altitude, so I used the engine at 470 meters altitude. I continued to circle above the reservoir and enjoyed the view. At an altitude of 1,487 meters I switched off the engine and flew directly over the Hohes Venn nature park, where I also did a few laps. The extent of the area was interesting to see from above, but in detail, of course, it’s better experienced on the ground by hiking. At 3.07 p.m. I left the nature park and flew east so that I could also fly over Monschau. At 3.15 p.m. I was already over Monschau and was also circling around here. The area with the mountains and valleys and the river Rur is really beautiful. I then flew along the Rur to my next destination, the Rursee and Heimbach. I flew a few curves over the Rursee and then at 3.55 p.m. also flew over the town of Heimbach. With this sunny weather, the view of the Rursee with the surrounding forests is really beautiful! At 4 p.m. I continued my flight in the direction of the Obermaubach reservoir. After a short overflight, I continue to the northwestern Wehebachtalsperre, where I arrive at around 4.14 p.m. Here, too, I flew over the dam and enjoyed the view of the deep blue water, the green forests and the cloudless sky above. Now it was time to leave the Eifel area and to head towards the home airfield. Via Eschweiler and the Hambach opencast mine, I then reached the Bergheim / Paffendorf glider airfield at 4.43 p.m. Here I was still at an altitude of almost 760 meters and decided to fly some circles above the city of Bergheim before I was landing at the airfield. At 5.02 p.m. I landed the glider safely on the airfield. It was a great flight today with many wonderful impressions!

Travel time: 2.15 p.m. – 5.02 p.m.

Distance: 193 km

Maximum height: 1,505 m




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